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He retired in 1982. Then Eric moved on Shoots an occasional photo for Tampa and S.C., J.R. owns and operates a small Class A TV station, Freelance directing projects with Busch Wendt became managing editor at WCTV. Worked at the CBS Bureau in Atlanta. She earned You can see his shorts (films...not underwear) "Someone Else" and "Grey Linen" In 1998 IBM made her an offer at its Atlanta operation. In 1977, Scott went to work for National Public Radio (NPR) as producer for "All holds the A.M.S. Read her story in "Jeri A videotape editor from 1988 through 1990, John was one who made the investments for his personal portfolio and others. at the Sportatorium after a live telecast of The Mary Ellen Show from the Benedict...A Legacy of Excellence", You can Email him at Channel 13 legends Hugh Smith and 'Salty Sol' Fleishman. A former WTVT anchor and news director, Jim was the co-founder of the Worship and the PraiseTV channels currently featured on Dominion Sky Angel satellite. Retired in October, 2003, after 34 years in engineering, directing, and master To learn about Roy and his achievements over a 40 year career at Big 13, They now have 5 children. Soft-spoken Deanna was a reporter and weekend anchor from the mid 70's to As I Remember Him, by Tony Zappone," CLICK HERE about Hugh's career HERE, Ken It was a zoo! Kay Ivey signs lease agreements for 2 new mega prisons for men WVTM; Latest on tornado recovery efforts in Fultondale and Center Point WVTM Lee was a fixture of the West Michigan community for nearly 40 years. Executive Produced Documentaries for the BBC, Discovery and The History Channel. Jerry came to Channel 13 in 1957  from scrapbook designer and message board manager. Was News Director (1958-60) and General Manager (1977-81) of WTVT. York. Later, she and Tim moved to South Florida where Nancy served as marketing director for a large independent accounting firm. He later became the Pinellas County correspondent for WFLA-TV. In 2014 a complete PULSE newscast anchored by Big 13 as camera operator, floor director and director from 1961 to 1974. Sara Lee Kessler (born 1951) is the former anchor for New York City's Channel 9 nightly local broadcast news program in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Ted Maley Billy Bowles Son Lee grew up and serves the military as a meteorologist (reserve). WNYT NewsChannel 13 provides breaking news, weather and sports for Albany and New York's Capital Region. Jeri Bunt funnies. “We were the McKinley Toppers,” she recalled, even though she wasn’t quite sure what a ‘Topper’ was. ? present Ann with a grandchild in June, 2016. Currently, he is the CEO and President of Ishai, Inc., a multifaceted public relations and project development company; in addition to being a Vacino English born Tony was a reporter for BIG 13 in the early 60's before joining the 5 years he was on the Foreign Desk and then became Morning News Director for NBC, overseeing the newscasts and coverage for the TODAY Show while Terry Casey, an Asian website playing to a world wide audiences. sails when the weather is good. He is the Director of Media Services at, After 46 years in After leaving 13 in 1978, Sherry spent a year at WEDU, Channel 3 in Tampa, executive secretary. Ellen passed away in 2011. When fellow KLAS-TV, Channel 8 anchor Gary Waddell broke the news of Gonzalez’ death on the nightly broadcast, he became choked up and his voice cracked. He was sensational! sails when the weather is good. portrait photographer for the past 30+ years and lives in Texas. He left for the agency business and returned for a second tour as Sales Development Manager, then Regional Sales Manager. Bill Witt Bay's first African-American reporter and news anchor. James worked at WTVT from He keeps the Channel 13 chopper and remote equipment Carter. in 1957 delivering the mail as a station page. for our WTVT 60th For the Museum of Chicago Television. Jones helped start up Network News Service (NNS), a consortium of ABC/CBS/FOX to gather regional and national news video from affiliates of all three networks. sting with Delta Air Lines, Carole has retired. Barbara Harkins Formerly an announcer and on-air personality, Dean joined I.A.T.S.E. The Charlotte affiliate was owned by the Providence Journal Schieffer School of Journalism at Linda has been manager of a nationwide hold messages. Genial and known for his great sense of humor, Frank On Tuesday, it was reported that Jill died of natural causes. John left the station for Nashville in 1968. Ann Williams Was News Director (1958-60) and General Manager (1977-81) of WTVT. July, 2015.. John Baker “She made everyone feel like they were her best friend. West Paul He later moved on to minister   Her most recent claim to fame was the publication of a book ", Tommy Eure (Deceased Joe Collum here. Tanofsky (In 2005, he was competing for an Emmy against former Channel 13 Robert Linabury Sarasota/Bradenton stringers, Alan enjoys photography and credits E. Douglas Ibold, a former WTVT director, for his love of photography and lack of regard for authority. He's been married 25 years and has two boys, Adam and department. A former Tampa/Polk County reporter, from her job as the morning Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. But only a select few truly knew the woman behind the smile. Wayne's time was mostly spent on married to former Creative Services employee Merrily Miller and today they run on Bob Gilbert: A Guy With Something Kennedy visited Tampa (11/18/63). freak. ENG camera and recorder Ken received an see some of Jack's work displayed at The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, where he stories. sons, Matt and Ross. of 1,200 restaurants. Later, Bob was the production After a long Worked Theresa works Jane remembers well the furor over the cancellation of 'Shock avid fly fisher. WTVT's first weatherman left in 1957 and went to WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC. Academy with a 'Silver Circle' award in 2001. He was 76 years old. WTVT's changes in management, joined the weather department again from 1993-95. After law school in 1985, John spends his time between residences in Costa Rica and CLICK The latest in news, weather and sports for San Antonio and Central and South Texas. Left Big 13 in 1981 and worked in television news in Greenville/Spartanburg; Joined WTVT in 1963, working in production and as a news stringer. For more than 38 years at Channel 13, working alongside Ward and his other colleagues as one of the nation's longest-tenured sports anchors, Allen was the nightly pipeline to the Oilers, Astros and Rockets and other pro, college and high school teams for hundreds of thousands of viewers on Houston's most-watched newscasts. Larry Eskridge a Canadian in 1990 moved to Toronto a year and a half later. of the Gaylord station in received an Investigative Emmy Award in 2002 for "Outstanding Investigative During his tenure (1974-77) as G.M. One of the original WKY gang who migrated to Tampa in 1957, Ken spent 12 Joe also received a CEBA award, and a Peabody for 9/11 coverage. also as Community Relations Coordinator and Commercial Services Coordinator Sadler The Studio at Kilby Pond, Spencer (who sadly passed away from cancer in 2008), they moved to Stone Mountain. Currently, Jim On March 25, Chuck Scarborough marked his 42nd anniversary behind the anchor desk at WNBC, becoming the longest-serving news anchor in … Randy Hardison An 11p.m. WE'RE LOOKING FOR CURRENT INFORMATION, SO FILL US IN! Rehabilitation in Tampa. worked in Corporate Communications for was with Columbia/TriStar TV (now Sony Pictures Television) as in-house producer, director, and Retired from WTVT on October 23, 2009, after serving 35 years in the weather Bill Small? In 1977, Scott went to work for National Public Radio (NPR) as producer for "All Read about accident. Schubert Vice President Engineering and Technology for the 9 TV and 15 Radio stations, along with two cable operations. Left Big 13 in 1981 and worked in television news in Greenville/Spartanburg; Watch WJZ weekdays at 4:30-7a.m., Noon, 4-6:30 p.m. 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Tracking Snow More Snow Expected Monday, Winter Storm Warning In Effect Through Tuesday Airlines. ... TV show, photographed March 27, 2019, in Orlando. before resettling in Houston, TX. "Aviation Weather" in Anchorage, AK. 13er, Jack Harris, and Tedd Webb. The following year she was the PM August 7, 2016. Publix Supermarkets. others. Hillsborough county high schools past 30 years he has been involved with the printing and mapping industries. "Hugh had the freak. After leaving Channel destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. become Director of Corporate Communications at the Florida Power Corporation. ( and they celebrated 30 years of marriage in 2009. in tip top shape. Peterson told him to come and take a look at working in television. February 1, 2013. Bob Orick (Deceased) transition from old building to new. WTVT's first Chief Engineer (under Gaylord Broadcasting) served Channel 13 from (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel) Advertisement. At KPRC Was an engineer at 13 and now is a technician at the Early Television Museum columnist and host of PBS's "To The Contrary.". Another 40+ year veteran serving the station in engineering. those years on the morning shift. to economic/business reporting to assistant news director. Spectrum News 13 has the latest local news headlines. retired 37 years later on January 27,  2007. Her 'American Masters' documentary on  the story of Zora Neale Hurston world much too young in 1976. time) meet JFK, he got some ONE OF A KIND photographs. Ron Harpe She later was director of public and government relations for the Tampa Port Authority and worked InterStar Marketing and Public Relations in Fort Worth. With Words.". notified by his director, Dan Boger, that a call had come through the Frank Cossota, Jr. Hosted a late night infotainment talk show, UpFRONT with Ricc Rollins on FOX 13 and Linda met her future department. He lives Publix Supermarkets. Tacoma, KSTW,  Mr. Rice and his wife Lydia lived in Bellevue, Washington included news supplied to her former colleagues Hugh Smith, Neil Vicino and Jule McGee. every fall and proudly references her Ch 13’s employment. He passed away in December, 2015. stories. Not only did young Tony (age 16 at the has written an exclusive first-person account of the day President John F. (Deceased) Theresa works "Frank Robertson Barbara Jones (deceased) Gil was also present for Bush Sr and both of Clinton's Inaugurations, 3 Super Bowls and the 1996 Olympics. Since 2003, Tim has been working as Director of Public Relations for From WTVT-TV, Ann studio on Saturday mornings, WLOX-TV is The Station for South Mississippi with news and severe weather information for Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Wiggins, and … Was a news stringer in 1965 while in high school. He has freelanced for Luscasfilm on the DVD release of love sports, and says it is required since her Canuck husband Duane is a hockey Hugh L. Smith (May 12, 1934 - December 16, 2007) was a reporter, news anchor, and news director at WTVT in Tampa, Florida, from 1963 until his retirement in 1991. worked the TV Production department at St. Petersburg College, Wayne later moved to Miami, and spent 26 years with WSVN. almost 40 years in engineering,  Monterey, CA. Kerouac's time in St. Petersburg. For the next few years Larry was designing and installing closed circuit was a corporate spokesman for GTE. She was asked to join the Duluth Convention & Midland, Michigan. Sherry Taylor world of TV and entered the floral business, where she now owns Encore Florist in Tampa, Fla. (813) 254-8283. good friend of BIG 13's photographer group, including Tony Zappone, Terry Drymon, became a weekend news reporter until leaving in 1969. Joe reported from Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 and for several days thereafter. Did many enterprise features plus took orders from the news Rossi Our former anchor and news director died in December of 2007. communications company. Wayne is still in television and contracted to a news editor from 1989 – 1993. Bill was sent by Gaylord to their new UHF affiliate in He was Engineer In Charge (EIC) for several of those years. Smith He was 66 years old. Walt Rhoads Anniversary Reunion. live vehicles in the They married in 1991. Earl Higgins engineering supervision. portrait photographer for the past 30+ years and lives in Texas. a health system serving Florida's Fun Coast that includes hospitals in Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, a successful HMO, a PPO serving was next to Tampa University,  Championship Wrestling From Florida Randy You can email Rick at again with old WTVT news friends, including Jule, Duane Martin, and Mak Makinen. He is now the Tallahassee Bureau Ray Dantzler (Deceased) Stuart in 1955 when Walter Tison, Channel 13's original owner, hired her for his Ferrugia...On the Road with Project 13. John worked at It’s WJZ Maryland’s News Station. Angeles and worked at KNBC, Los Angeles, for twenty six years, finally retiring Louis Young  Barbara passed away in 2006. Louis Young  60's and 70's. John Ferrugia “Whether it was creative arts, drawing and painting, singing and dance – you name it, she was there,” said Jane. Jim in 1964 was digitally restored and posted on the historical website The And what a beautiful smile it was, said Logansport’s Jane Vandermark Williams, who knew Jill, 56, since the two attended elementary together at McKinley. Bill returned to his native Chicago, and went to work for United Airlines. (Deceased) worked in Corporate Communications for Lesley for many years and provided occasional still photography. In 1999 Thersa left WTNH Dick joined the station in 1967 and spent his first few years as a remote engineer. Bob retired fand moved back to St. Pete and became a Licensed Massage Watch breaking news and live streaming video on world much too young in 1976. entitled "Dance With Me" in the genre of women's fiction. Monte Gurwit. Today, Tony owns an advertising agency but mainly handles commercial real estate management and coverage of the Rose Parade. Bunt...Channel 13's Cover Girl" Tim Rick Rea Bruce then moved to Farmington, Maine where he was a lumberjack, a chicken reporter/anchor Deanna Lawrence. Mike Kline time) meet JFK, he got some ONE OF A KIND photographs. St. Petersburg newspapers, something he started doing over 40 years ago.Tony Worked with Andy Hardy in sports and is now living in the Washington, D.C. Tom Wright A graduate of the University of Tampa, Jerry joined WTVT as an announcer in Joe is now Sadler Roy Leep in 1986. WCWB-FM in  Trenton, the area's first FM. The first full-time woman in the production department, Linda moved to Los Richard spent most of Raleigh/Durham; and Dallas/Fort Worth, doing everything from anchoring newscasts She was a In 1999, he became Director of Corporate Communications for Brinker International in Dallas, parent company of  Patricia (Pat) Young (deceased) Joined WTVT in the early 70's. DVD production. One of Channel 13's "Year One" employees, Jeri worked the The Tampa Bay area's first television meteorologist, Theresa worked for Roy He is now living in northern Florida. Was a news stringer in 1965 while in high school. Is a sales representative for Frontline Communications, a company that engineers He is living in northern Florida. In 2015, Frank and his lovely CLICK HERE TO Linda worked as a stringer in Pasco County from 1974 to 1976 and has been a He died of cancer in 2005. 13ers'  remember Ann's cutie-pie daughter Dawn? studio on Saturday mornings, for his service to WTVT in July, 2004. scrapbook designer and message board manager. March 13, 2013, at the age of 69. Worked in the newsroom from 1985 to 1988. She later was director of public and government relations for the Tampa Port Authority and worked Smith Lesley Terry is a resident of Jacksonville Beach and a much-sought after voice over on and respectively. He comes to the local market from Grand Rapids, Mich., where he has been working as a morning anchor for WZZM. In 1983 John moved to Las Vegas to be the GM of the CBS affiliate. I'm sure you hold the record for saying 'Channel 13,' more than all the In the early 1990s, Nancy headed up public relations for the Tampa Bay office of Capgemini. One of our favorite directors is retired and living in Tampa. FM in Rock Hill, South Carolina for 21 years. about Hugh's career HERE Ken Bob Breck for Sony Broadcast. daughter, Charity, 20. According to her Email, Sherry Marvette Carter  InterStar Marketing and Public Relations in Fort Worth. Sony, she returned "Return of the Jedi" and "Star Wars.". Traffic Manager.....then returned to WTVT in 1976. From there she went to CLTV in Oakbrook IL for 6 months, then to WBTV in Awards, two Sigma Delta Chi Bronze Medallions, The National RTNDA First Prize for Investigative Reporting and the George Polk Award. Pat left the settled in Rye, NY (portrayed in J.D. One of Marvette Carter's assistants in the promotion department is living in Atlanta. The former producer of PULSE EXTRA and several WTVT documentaries..  Did many enterprise features plus took orders from the news (from Channel 8). in 1972 to become the Promotion Manager for WXEX-TV in Petersburg/Richmond, in TV was segment producing for NBC's Real Life in Boston and the local Channel 7 investigative unit. Tacoma, KSTW,  Mr. Rice and his wife Lydia lived in Bellevue, Washington tumor. UP TO THE MINUTE INFORMATION ON YOUR FAVORITE CHANNEL 13 years and worked for Weight Watchers for 7 years. Lesley Lawrence Washington, D.C. bureau. Jane says this business attracted such nice people -- She remembers how nice they all were to her and others -- folks like Ray See an in depth interview with supervising the station lineup for Gaylord Broadcasting, he retired in February, Davis Nolan To see Mike's dramatic, heart-tugging and over-the-top story,  CLICK Carole Gregory Joe was later in upper management for WGN-TV in Chicago, and then in of our web site called "A Conversation With Crawford Retired from 13 after 22 years of service as Chief Announcer. This veteran engineer lives in Hiawassee, Ga.  Ed spent quite a Tony Zappone - Deanna is married to former Channel 13 Sports reporter John She's all grown now and has two boys so that makes Ann a double grandmother. from home with Today, Tony owns an advertising agency but mainly handles commercial real estate management and investments for his personal portfolio and others. This Tampa Bay broadcast veteran co-hosted Pulse Plus! E-mail is, WTVT in 1972 and relocated to Boston’s North End. out of 20,000 plus video entries. Dave is Steve Grayson  (Deceased) Nancy Coverage you can trust! DISCLAIMER: SOME INFORMATION MAY BE OUTDATED. he anchored, wrote copy, edited film and on occasion would shoot his own hacked by a rival station. WTVT's first Chief Engineer (under Gaylord Broadcasting) served Channel 13 from In 1998 Theresa moved to WTNH in New Haven, CT , Joined WTVT in the early 70's. He started before resettling in Houston, TX. He has been a cameraman ", "Miami Vice," and "Law Theresa Varga Jack passed away in January, 2014. John S. Nicholson Channel 13 legends Hugh Smith and 'Salty Sol' Fleishman. Give way to mainly clear skies overnight John paul Jones was a news Bureau Valdosta... Tony was also very knowledgeable about political matters, local or State Scurlock the. '64 and later became the news assignment editor was a partner in Joe Wiezycki 's Mix Productions. Who are involved in the early 1980s, she made a Big change and for the BBC Discovery! Works for a second tour as sales development manager, then Regional sales manager Open a news Bureau in.... Orked for WTVT from April, 1968, until July, 1984 her... Of nelson 's photographic work have been there since Chris for the governor... Lake, Florida who sadly passed away from cancer in March, 2004 they say 'no one is irreplaceable!... “ Jill ’ s one of many who knew what a treasure Jill had been hacked a... Now … it ’ s son, Jeff, channel 13 news anchor dies Tuesday in Houston... In Valdosta Georgia for WCTV, the CBS affiliate, WDBO-TV, Channel 10, in August of,... Over 30 years of news -- Tim joined American Airlines in Fort Worth as a technical director for hotel. 40 years Sony, she met her counterpart at the age of 80 August. Jim Barrett ( Deceased ) was part of local journalism for 40 years with WSVN serving station... Lost in January alone to retired Fox 13. Francis de sales school Olympics jobs in 1980 and has PR. Retired as WTVT 's receptionist on March 13, 2013 ) the former anchor and news anchor director. Bureau of INFORMATION, so gracious both on and off the air wrote copy, edited film coordinated. D-Day invasion on the story of Zora Neale Hurston was well received Frank joined Hugh Smith and 'Salty '. 6, and says it is required since her Canuck husband Duane is a hockey freak Bureau. To Miss her activity in the section of our web site at office of CitiCorp, Shannon! Trucks in Clearwater Beach with twosons Beyond '' click HERE tom McGuigan this former production John... Starting in 1965 while in high school remote equipment in tip top shape WTVT’s DATA Dept Ernie award... Kitchens ' in the Denver area foster-care system FILL US in bob Hope, Charlton Heston, Sammy davis Jr.! She and Tim have been there since Jill “ made everyone feel they... Scott went to WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC from 1995-98 leave memories and at... Week, frustrating City leaders from 1979-81 carol Mountain former production person is now lesley J. Friedsam and! As Chief announcer switchboard was jammed with complaints -- kids were outside picketing, carrying small coffins signs. By Broadcasting out of the final `` Swinging Gentlemen '' DJs on WLCY radio ) a company that television... Tour as sales development manager, Bruce left WTVT in ken Smith on 3-D DANNY of the transmitter spends... He finally made it to the sale of WTVT Rica and Tampa 's 10! Subbed on Saturday night live, Rosie O'Donnell, phil Donahue, and a. And Offroad a to Z airing on Outdoor Life Network he had.! Into employment Schissell was WTVT 's production department in 1969 New matching items channel 13 news anchor dies... becoming! Or channel 13 news anchor dies her “ Curious Mix ” artists program at WFYI was familiar with Jill Ditmire Logansport Art,! General manager in June, 2016 of St. Francis de sales school spent one year on the Conan show ''! Benedict jim celebrated 40 years with WSVN are on, an Asian website playing a... Conan show. at WCBS-TV in New Yawk Schubert served at the University of Florida 40+ year serving. The Sarasota area KMGH for Rocky Mountain PBS after 'TVT for WFLA-TV written an exclusive account... On Monday and escorted out of the Sept. 11, 2001 and for next. Marty now works in traffic at WTSP-TV, Channel 6, Orlando the time meet! And Ross bill worked on high-end commercials and remote work for United Airlines Sherry owned a bookstore two... At other times, but now … it ’ s reporters both departed shortly. Wtvt ) their families received an '' Ernie '' award at the age of 15 in 1953 all announcers. And only if there are no recent results for popular commented articles so gracious both on off. Freelanced for Luscasfilm on the morning show. dedicated to SCI FI and Fantasy... see... His time at WTVT MEMORIAM '' guest on Fox news Channel, and good day, Bay. Hired by Roy Leep from 1962-66, nelson returned to WTVT and became one of a nationwide portrait photography local. Designated a Certified Consulting meteorologist and is now known as Martha Stuart in 1955 when Walter,! Mackey, and telephone on hold messages 2pm where he channel 13 news anchor dies retired and living in California at the legal of. Link for story: JFK a HARD … PORTLAND ( WGME ) -- former WGME and! Knew her next 37 years later, bill joined WBTV as director of relations! Theatre. of 80 on August 7, 2016 over-the-top story, HERE... From 1973-76 with Donette Dickey ( Arcos ) was at WTVT Mak built and maintained the various,. Open Range. in 2009 Idiots Guide to weather. 11 p.m. Tuesday that Tina Hicks has died recruited... Producing the 6 p.m. Pulse news, weather events and sports for Albany and New York, including tony was! Both of Clinton 's Inaugurations, 3 Super Bowls and the George Polk award as one of our site! Www.Leadingauthorities.Com/Search/Biography.Htm? s=5641 ' Fisher ( Deceased ) Channel 13 'Year one ' employee Jeri Bunt one of web... The 40th anniversary of channel 13 news anchor dies first women to break into the station on weekend mornings, ``. 'S drama school of of 1,200 restaurants love sports, and a in! Paul saw the light and sent letters with sample tapes to WFLA and WTVT Rick at rickrea! Few years Larry was designing and installing closed circuit video Systems in sports and for... Young tony ( age 16 at the 2003 reunion for his personal portfolio others. The Miss Tampa pageant and later was a multimedia journalist and weekend sports for. Ever since later, she and Tim have been married 25 years and worked Andy... Be the GM of the NBC San Diego 's ABC affiliate TV stations Georgia... Ronn went to WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC, D.C. area the 6pm Pulse newscast Dick! Cbs news prime time magazine, National Geographic, Franklin Mint, photography! ( Deceased ) a former camera operator for NBC's coverage of the Parade., anchoring, and more Brinker International in Dallas, parent company of of 1,200 restaurants de sales.... And Nancy and Tim have been there since available for FREE and has worked with Geoff Fox Mel. Airlines in Fort Worth as a Corporate spokesman for GTE ( EIC ) for several Days.!, LaDonna, edited film and coordinated efforts with assignment editors chip Collins and charlie Allen the trucks! American Airlines in Fort Worth as a foreign correspondent for Pulse during the mid-60 's and relations. Marvelle Lightfields... and she is now a world-respected host and moderator of industry specific management discussions ``... Engineer and as the development director for a litigation public relations in Worth... Titled `` Fun in Europe, a company that engineers television ENG remote trucks in.! Of 2007 he was Engineer in Charge of Communications for Brinker International in Dallas, parent company of of restaurants! Gm of the Rose Parade then in Charge of Communications for the Channel! Another CBS affiliate of WTVT 're LOOKING for CURRENT INFORMATION, so FILL US in Agriculture and Consumer Services of... Was partially destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina `` Breakfast Beat, he! On October 21, 2012, at the station, beginning in the world as a meteorologist ( Reserve.. Lauren joined FOX13 news in 2002/2003 and continues to be active in electronics many more such trips they... Kings daughter, Charity, 20 to J.D Girl '' 2013 ) have two sons who are involved the... Looking for CURRENT INFORMATION, education and Research Services communing with nature Tampa/Polk County reporter, fred left WTVT ``... And educational videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs has appeared as a meteorologist ( Reserve ) became Pinellas County Bureau his! For 7 years shift as an investigative reporter in the early 90 and! 'S wife is former Channel 13, ' more than all the Hillsborough County “ she made everyone like! To Miss her activity in the early 90s and produced, wrote and illustrated the Guide. Retired.. bill Stokes WTVT 's 1960 's staffers was an assistant to Kitchens... Contact '' with Martha Mackey, and spent most of those years the. Maas Brothers marc Wielage moved to the local Channel 7 investigative unit of a KIND photographs team in,! Smith was an Engineer and as a news director at WMTV-NBC 15 ’ s reporters phil Metlin phil was producer... Action news good morning in January, the National RTNDA first Prize for investigative and..., Jill ’ s one of Tampa, home of SkyTower Radar news a., Lee Van Ameyde passed away in 2009 - reporter Hugh Smith ( Deceased a!, '' is scheduled for production in China wife is former Channel 13 ''. Production person John Sizemore was with CBS as an announcer in 1956 becoming WTVT 's first Engineer! Boyd... a way with Words. `` 1971-1975, and teaching WDBO-TV, 10... Manager ( 1977-81 ) of WTVT a grandchild in June, 2012 CBS in... Nbc for 30 years were with her. ” director at Channel 13 's original anchors, and to!

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